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'TREBBIANO' LA Lily (Lilium x 'trebbiano')

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LA Lily 'Trebbiano' is subtle green-washed, light-yellow lily of infinite poise and elegance. As an offspring of Asiatic lily parentage, its flowers tend to angle upward making a florist's preference. But, this trait along with its trumpet lily trait of sturdy tall stems make them a gardener's choice, as well. Lightly fragrant.

LA Lilies are some of the easiest to grow owing to their Asiatic lily parentage. A cross between Asiatic and trumpet lilies, they take the best traits from each. Blooming in mid-summer, LA Lilies are tough garden plants and stand up exceptionally well as cut-flowers lasting longer in the vase than either of there parents. They also tend to have lighter scents which is the case with 'Trebbiano'. Nonetheless, this lily has a classic fragrance without being cloying.

Known for their dazzling blossoms, the garden lily is an essential part of any summer garden. We only carry these voluptuous beauties for a short time in the spring and fall as they prefer to be in the ground and not on the store shelf. The living bulbs are perishable if not stored properly and when they are ready to sprout, there is no stopping them! If you happen to miss your opportunity at planting the bulbs for yourself, standby and catch our cut-flowers later in the summer.

Zones 4-9