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Essex, N.Y.

To be a successful Champlain Peony Company team AET, a candidate will demonstrate a broad knowledge of mechanical systems and a passion for problem-solving. We are looking for a full-time mechanic or engineer to join our farm team and support our primary production of peonies, perennials, and cut flowers. The farm consists of multiple buildings of various ages and utility, greenhouses and shade houses, a fleet of engine-driven machines and vehicles, farming implements, roads and by-ways, and a wide array of systems necessary for the planting, growing, harvesting, and storage of perishable horticultural products. The AET needs to be expert in all aspects of these elements. Additionally, there is ample opportunity to work in our classic car restoration shop when primary projects allow. The successful candidate will bring a proven background in engine mechanics and problem solving to the team and be eager to learn new systems necessary for the enhanced production of horticultural goods. The AET reports directly to an Owner, or their assignees.

Responsibilities of the AET:

  • Safety is your primary responsibility, both for yourself and for others
  • Filling the role of SAFETY OFFICER for the Company;
  • Ensuring the safe operational condition and repair of all Champlain Peony Company machinery, tools, vehicles, buildings, systems, and equipment;
  • Providing technical expertise and hands-on assist to source, erect, run, and maintain irrigation systems, pumps, valves, wells, greenhouses, climate controlled storage units, building systems, and other mechanical operating systems;
  • Interpreting manuals, using necessary tools and equipment, engaging with suppliers, using computer systems to document issues, recording equipment histories, and ensuring repairs for all farm systems under their purview;
  • Fabricating parts, repairing electrical systems, welding components to fix machines and systems within their scope of training or experience;
  • Vetting for hire and overseeing sub-contractors and other non-employees who may be called in to assist in building, repairing, running, or supervising a construction, repair, or fabrication project;
  • Providing guidance to other members of the team for the safe operation, maintenance, minor repair, and storage of power equipment, tools, systems, and vehicles;
  • Engaging with HS to problem solve issues in production that may have a mechanical solution;
  • Assisting with hands-on horticulture or sales tasks as necessary to achieve business goals and maximum overall efficiency of the team;
  • Engage the public on topics within their field of expertise, referring clients to others more suited to engaging their needs, or assisting in making a plan to address a customer’s inquiry at a later time;
  • Assisting any customer who is in need by focusing attention, expertise, and genuine interest in our products and services to facilitate a positive transition;
  • Expediting delivery and other urgent local driving and occasional overnight travel during times of peak need;
  • Carrying out the goals of their supervisor by prioritizing and multi-tasking projects to achieve continuity of production to satisfy market demands.   
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