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Essex, N.Y.

To be success as the Champlain Peony Company business manager a candidate will need to demonstrate an analytical mind and a penchant for detail. The business success relies on self-motivated decision-making, thoughtful response times, a refined interpersonal communications style, proven success in computer-driven retail, marketing, and business accounting systems, and a no-fail approach to project completion. The Business Manager will be primarily responsible for all financial records, tax filings, personnel issues, data base management, and meeting details with staff and clients. The Business Manager is the head of the sales, marketing, and shopkeeping team. The Business Manager is the strength behind the front-line producers and is an integral member of the senior management team. The Business Manager reports directly to the Controller, or their assignee.


Responsibilities of the Business Manager:

  • Safety is your primary responsibility, both for yourself and for others;
  • Completing and posting work schedules, time-off schedules, and managing all personnel issues in a consistent, timely fashion;
  • Documenting and verifying employment credentials, and maintaining legally required files for all employees, projects, and financial instruments for the company;
  • Managing the employee compensation program under the advice and consent of the owners;
  • Liaising with all accounting, financial, bank, creditor, payee, payable, and tax sub-contractors, agents, and assignees on behalf of the Company;
  • Signing authority for all payables, contracts, receivables, and financial instruments of the Company;
  • Creating and organizing all spreadsheets, financial documents, and business resources necessary to convey temporal financial and business positions of the Company at monthly, quarterly, and yearly meetings, and at the request of the principal owners;
  • Representing the Company alongside the SMA(s) to advertisers, marketers, organizations, and local institutions for purposes of goodwill, marketing, and community integration;
  • Working hand-in-hand with SMA(s) to support and develop tools and techniques for promoting and selling horticultural production and other elements of the business including non-plant merchandise;
  • Assuming the primary role for negotiating purchase contracts, bills, settlements, conflicts, and resolutions for the Company with regards to suppliers, customers, and ancillary vendors with whom they have business relationship;
  • Delegating tasks, priorities, work efforts, and communicating goals to all subordinate reports;
  • Engaging the public on topics within their field of expertise, referring clients to others more suited to engaging their needs, or assisting in making a plan to address a client’s inquiry at a later time;
  • Assisting any customer who is in need by focusing attention, expertise, and genuine interest in our products and services to facilitate a positive transaction;
  • Carrying out the goals of their supervisor by prioritizing and multi-tasking projects to achieve continuity of production and business functions.
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