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'6-in-1 COLD CLIMATE APPLE ESPELIER' Apple Tree (Malus x domestica vars.)

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'Espelier' is an ancient technique of contorting plants, usually trees or woody shrubs, into shapes they would not naturally be found. In the case of our '6-in-1 Cold Climate Apple Espelier', a single apple trunk is grafted with SIX different varieties of apples in such a way that three will grow to the left, and three will grow out to the right. The grafts are spaced so that you can easily train the branches to remain horizontal along a fence, the side of a building or any other structure that can be used to attach the branches. Of note, apples, and many other fruits, produce more fruit along horizontal branches than they do on more vertical branches. So, in addition to having six different apple varieties, you also have a more productive tree! Plant a row of them to create your own living fence that serves as an orchard, too!

We cannot tell you which specific varieties will be included on your espelier, but we can tell you there will be six different types from the following cold-hardy list: 'Braeburn', 'Cortland', 'Fuji', 'Gala', 'Granny Smith', 'Gravenstein', 'Jonagold', 'Jonathon', 'Melrose', 'Red Delicious', 'Red McIntosh', 'Spartan', 'Yellow Delicious', 'Yellow Transparent', and 'Winesap'.

An economical way have a nice variety of apple types without needing the room required for six separate trees. A '6-in-1 Cold Climate Apple Espelier' apple tree is less than half the price of buying each tree separately and takes up less than 1/6th the space! Frankly, if you're like me, it'll be difficult to find a reason NOT to add this to your cart.

USDA Zones 4-8.

Available in 10-gallon pot. Staked to protect grafted branching.



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