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'AFTER EIGHT' Oriental lily (Lilium x orientalis 'after eight')

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'After Eight' is a genetically short Oriental lily introduction that bears numerous intense-pink, fragrant flowers on short, sturdy stems. In containers, it commonly reaches 14-18 inches tall while in bloom and remains less than 24 inches tall in the landscape during subsequent years.You'll love the versatility of this improved series of Oriental Lilies that offer big, fragrant, spectacular Oriental Lily flowers on a plant that is shorter, denser and stronger than the Oriental Lily plants you've come to know. These varieties are perfect for grouping in any sunny garden or growing in containers on a sunny deck or patio. These Oriental Lilies are very hardy and will spread and produce more color each year if planted in full sun and in well-drained soil. Grow plenty so you can cut them for inside use, because they are a long-lasting cut-flower that will fill your house with their fragrance!

Zones 4-8

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