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'ANN CHOWNING' Louisiana Iris (Iris hexigonae x 'ann chowning')

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'Ann Chowning' Louisiana Iris with its vermilion-red blooms is truly a spectacular iris! The flowers are up to 6 inches long with bright, yellow-gold signals. 'Ann Chowning' Louisiana Iris blooms early or late spring, depending on zone. Attractive green, sword-like foliage stays nice all summer long. A showstopper in your water garden all year as the foliage stays green until frost!. Great in flower beds or at the edge of the pond! One of the most showy iris. Height to 36".

Zones 4-10

Louisiana Iris as a group prefer wet feet or boggy conditions and will perennialize easily when these conditions are met. Hardiness decreases when planted in dry areas.

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