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'ARCTIC GLO' Nectarine (Prunus persica x nucipersica 'arctic glo')

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An exceedingly fine nectarine for fresh eating, 'Arctic Glo' white nectarine has the perfect balance of sugars and acids with an intoxicating fragrance when they’re perfectly ripe.

'Arctic Glo' nectarine bursts with delicious peach flavor without the fuzz. Introduced in California during the 1990s, this tree will become one of your favorites. Bite into 'Arctic Glo's orange-ruby skin at first picking when it is crunchy for a delicious and refreshing treat.  The white flesh softens and sweetens as it sits after picking.

With a good balance of sugar and acid, this semi-freestone is jam-packed with flavor. In addition to eating fresh, 'Arctic Glo' is excellent for pies, jam, shakes, and to freeze or can for delicious uses after the fresh season has ended.

'Arctic Glo' is a highly ornamental small tree. In spring it's covered with fragrant, fluffy, pink and white blossoms which attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and early spring migrant birds to its sweet nectar.

USDA Zones 5-8. Requires only 400-500 chill hours

Available in 7-gallon pot.

Self-pollinating. Plant more than one nectarine or peach tree to assure best cropping.

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