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'AVEYRON' Double-late Tulip (Tulipa x 'averyron/pink cameo')

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Introducing a luxuriant double-flowered tulip that more closely resembles a peony than any other tulip we have seen. 'Aveyron' is a rare French import that provides a sophisticated flower form in a unique bluish shade of baby pink. The lush and velvety petals blend to pale-rose, then to creamy-white at the edges. A web of fine, white streaks becomes more pronounced with age, giving 'Aveyron' a truly exotic appearance, especially late in the growing season. Best planted in clusters to mimic the look of a traditional, albeit somewhat shorter, peony bush. We like it in borders, along sunny pathways or as a cutting garden addition. Makes an outstanding cut-flower! Also sold as 'Pink Cameo'.

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