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Clumping bamboo (Bamboo fargesia 'scabrida' )

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The secret's out everyone's talking about this rare, much sought after clumping bamboo and Prides Corner Farms has got it! Found in the mountains of western China in 1997, this exciting selection will thrill you as early culms show off vivid bright orange/red sheaths, opening to reveal steel blue and lavender culms that slowly fade to a pleasing olive. The culms are thicker and more substanitive than many of the other Fargesias giving it a more robust texture that will make it even more boldly stand out in your landscape. 'Scabrida' is more sun tolerant than many of the other Fargesias and is upright and vigorous making it ideal for a tall spot in the landscape of for use grouped to form a stunning low maintenance border planting

Hardiness zones 6-8. Partial success in zone 5 if cut back to ground and heavily mulched.

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