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'BERRIES GALORE' Blueberry (Vaccinium x corymbosum vars.)

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Vaccinium corymbosum, commonly known as high bush blueberry, is an upright, deciduous shrub native to eastern North America where it typically grows in moist woods, bogs, swamps and low areas. With 'Berries Galore' you will get three separate varieties with one purchase! Yes, the nursery grower has chosen three hardy blueberry varieties to combine together to produce blueberries across the entire season! There is no easier way to have a summer of blueberry picking than to plant 'Berries Galore'. We cannot tell you which varieties you will recieve, but we can tell you that you will wish you picked up a second or even a third pot to plant!

USDA Zones 4-8


Available in 3-gallon pot.