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Big Blue Sea Holly (Eryngium x zabelii)

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There is no hidden message in this plant's name. 'Big Blue' means exactly that…the big blue color of its flower along with the striking and surprising big blue color of its stems and silvery-blue foliage combine to make this possibly the most aptly named plant we sell! Stiffly upright, this plant unfurls its spiny, silvery green, blue tinged foliage in the spring with buds topping the stem ends by late May. As the bud bearing stems extend above the foliage, a wave of blue color covers them both and seems to grow more iridescent by the day until early July when the long lasting flower opens with spiky rays surrounding a blue, beehive shaped center cone. The flower form is as unique as the color and a single flower seems like it will last forever and will even keep its color if you cut it and use it dried flower arrangements. Deer resistant, drought tolerant once established and easy to grow, every sunny garden needs this plant!

Zones 5-8

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