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'BLACKYORK' Sweet Cherry (Prunus x avium 'blackyork')

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Mid-season 'BlackYork' sweet cherry trees were introduced by Cornell University growing programs as an excellent choice for Eastern growers. In fact, its alternate name is 'Eastern Bing'. Cold-hardy, rain-tolerant, and split-resistant, 'BlackYork' is also vigorous enough to withstand mechanical harvesting and makes an excellent choice for pick-your-own operations.

These succulent cherries are dark-red and plenty sweet enough to satisfy even the pickiest child. Enjoy them for fresh eating or take advantage of their easy pitting quality and freeze them to appreciate their delicious taste at a later date. Reliable annual cropping makes this choice a good one for the backyard orchard.

USDA Zones 5-8. Requires at least 800 chill hours.


Not self-pollinating. Consider 'Stella' or 'Sam' for cross-pollination for your 'Blackyork'.

Available in 7-gallon pot.