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'BLUE MOON' Garden Phlox (Phlox divaricata x 'blue moon')

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Sometimes gardeners think that the only good plant is the newest plant from the hottest breeder. 'Blue Moon', a superb native plant discovered by Bill Cullina at the New England Wildflower society, shows you that tremendous plants can come from anywhere. 'Blue Moon' emerges early in the season to form a loose, tumbling, trailing mass that covers itself with buds by early April and bloom by late April. And what a bloom!! Profuse numbers of deep violet-blue flowers conceal the foliage they are so numerous creating a cloud of color well into May. Add in this plant's tremendous flower scent and the fact that 'Blue Moon' is absolutely perfect for semi-shaded and shaded areas and you have a tough yet tender early spring bloomer that will charm you every year.

Zones 4-8

A native plant selection.

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