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'BLUE MOUSE EARS' Plantain Lily (Hosta x 'blue mouse ears')

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An award winning and fun hosta, 'Blue Mouse Ears' adds a bit of whimsy to any shade garden. Its cute, heart shaped leaves rarely reach over 3 inches long and each clump makes a perfectly symmetrical mound of extremely thick, almost rubbery blue leaves, each one having a sliver of white around the edge. Spikes of lavender blooms pop up on long stems held above the foliage in late July. The stature and excellent garden performance of 'Blue Mouse Ears' make it a wonderful addition for mixed containers, rock gardens, and really any area in partial to full shade where colorful foliage and great depedability are needed. 'Blue Mouse Ears' is one of the most popular Hosta for grouping at the front of shade gardens and is one of the most slug resistant varieties available.

Zones 5-8