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'BLUE PRINCE' Blue Holly (Ilex x meserveae 'blue prince')

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Ilex × meserveae, known as Meserve Holly or Blue Holly, is an evergreen hybrid holly that typically grows to 6-8’ tall, but can reach as much as 15’ tall. In the 1950s, Kathleen K. Meserve of St. James, New York made crosses between English holly and Tsuru holly for purposes of creating an English-style hybrid that would have sufficient hardiness to survive the harsh winters of the northeastern U.S. Her efforts resulted in the creation and introduction of numerous hybrids known as the Meserve or Blue Hollies.

'BLUE PRINCE' is a male Meserve Holly that typically matures to 8-12’ tall. It is a dense shrub featuring purplish stems and dark blue-green leaves with spiny-toothed margins. Tiny, scented, greenish-white flowers on this male plant are relatively inconspicuous, but produce abundant amounts of pollen over a long spring bloom period thus making it an excellent pollinator for a number of female holly cultivars. Only one male plant is necessary for the pollination of many female plants such as 'Blue Princess', which produce the red berries hollies are known for. Male hollies do not produce many berries, if at all.

Zones 4-7

Available in 2-gallon pots.