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'BLUECROP' Blueberry (Vaccinium x corymbosum 'bluecrop')

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Vaccinium corymbosum, the northern highbush blueberry, is a North American species of blueberry which has become a food crop of significant economic importance. It is native to eastern Canada and the eastern and southern United States, from Ontario east to Nova Scotia and south as far as Florida and eastern Texas.

A great blueberry plant for colder climates. 'Bluecrop' is the primary commercial variety grown in the United States due to its cold-hardiness, disease resistance, long ripening season, and prolific cropping. 'Bluecrop' produces big clusters of large, all-purpose berries that are perfect in salads or pies, served with cream, or eaten right out of hand. Introduced in 1941 this cold-hardy variety starts ripening in July and doesn't stop until well into August. 'Bluecrop' is self-pollinating, but it will yield larger crops if pollinated with 'Jersey' or 'Earliblue'.

Zones 4-7


Available in 1-liter pot.