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'BOUNTY' Peach (Prunus x persica 'bounty')

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'Bounty' is a non-browning heirloom beauty with fine canning and freezing qualities, excellent flavor, and a pleasant texture. Its natural sweetness and juiciness bring back fond memories of the way peaches used to taste. The vigorous tree produces great big yellow-fleshed fruits, which are easy to peel and pit. Performs particularly well in the mid-Atlantic region where more southern peach varieties are not always reliable. Resistant to bacterial leaf spot and more winter-hardy than 'Loring'. Freestone. Ripens in early August, toward the end of 'Redhaven' season. Self-pollinating, but yields bigger crops when planted near a different peach variety with a similar bloom time.

Zones 4-8


Available in 7 gallon pot.

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