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'CARLTON' Large-cupped Daffodil (Narcissus x 'carlton')

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Narcissus 'Carlton' has become the world's best-selling Daffodil. Floriferous and easy to grow, with two-tone yellow flowers and a vanilla fragrance. A super perennial everywhere, especially in the South. It also forces well. Heirloom, 1927. Early mid-season.

Large-cupped Daffodils are the workhorses of the Daffodil world. They're good for bedding, picking, naturalizing, forcing, and showing. This class includes the full color range: white, every shade of yellow, orange, and pink. They have one flower to a stem and a cup, which is not as long as their perianth segments but still greater than one-third the length of the segments. Large-cupped Daffodils always look fresh and festive.

Zones 3-9

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