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'CENTENNIAL BLUSH' Star Magnolia (Magnolia stellata var. 'centennial blush')

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'Centennial Blush' Magnolia is a spectacularly-hardy small tree. It is the hardiest of all the magnolias, thriving in zone 4 and even in wind-protected spots in zone 3! It blooms on bare branches, as early as February in the South, and it is the most prolific bloomer of all the star magnolias. Plants as young as two-years old may bloom their first blossoms. When mature, it is smothered in huge, double, soft-pink blossoms every year without fail. It grows vigorously into an upright, open-branched tree reaching 12 to 18 feet tall, and 10 or 15 feet wide. It is the perfect specimen for a lawn, or in a bed among later-flowering trees and shrubs. Plant it in open woodland gardens too, where it looks right at home. This tree can be easily grown everywhere in the country. No garden should be without one.

Zones 4-9 and Zone 3 with protection from wind.

Available in 3-gallon pots.