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'CHIT CHAT' (Gladiolus dalenii x grandiflora 'chit chat')

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Stately spires rise 5 to 6 feet high in the late season garden, providing a flurry of vivid rose-pink flowers with clear-white throats. Bright and beautiful in beds and borders, 'Chit Chat' is equally gorgeous in summer arrangements, where the frilly florets continue to open for weeks. Spread your planting over several weeks to have a longer flowering season in the garden.

Gladiolus have been grown and loved by generations of gardeners. These summer-blooming bulbs produce elegant, 3-foot flower spikes with orchid-like blooms. They look spectacular in a vase and are suitable for growing in flower gardens, container gardens and even vegetable gardens.

Gladiolas are available in a rainbow of gorgeous colors, ranging from white, yellow, pink and lavender, to rose, burgundy, purple and even green. The bulbs are incredibly easy to grow. Just plant them in spring for flowers in late summer.

Shade and Sun: Gladiolus grow best in full sun, but will also flower in partial shade.

Zone: Gladiolas are winter hardy in zones 7-10. In colder zones they can be grown as annuals or the corms may be dug up in the fall and stored indoors for replanting the next spring. 

When to Plant: Gladiolus corms may be planted from spring through early summer. The flowers bloom approximately 90 days after planting.

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