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Strictly Medicinal Seeds

'CILANTRO' (Coriandrum sativum)

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'Cilantro' comes with 100 organically certified seeds per packet. This annual thrives in regular garden soil, preferring full-sun to part-shade and frequent watering. Direct seed in early spring by planting in a shallow furrow. Tamp, keep evenly moist, with germination in 13 days. Very hot conditions or greenhouse planting sometimes slow down germination. Thin to 6 inches apart. Cilantro prefers the cool wet spring to the hot dry summer.

'Cilantro' is commonly featured in Asian, Latin American, Caribbean, and Mediterranean cuisine, and is sometimes referred to as ‘Mexican’ or ‘Chinese parsley.’ ‘Cilantro’ generally refers to the leaves of the plant, which can be used fresh or dried, while ‘Coriander’ refers to the seeds of the plant, which are usually ground and used as a spice. However, these names are often used interchangeably.

'Cilantro' has been cultivated and utilized since ancient times, and today is commercially grown in almost every country. The U.S. does not produce enough cilantro to meet domestic demands, and therefore imports large amounts of this herb.

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Grow as an annual.