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Coneflower 'Ruby Star' (Echinacea)

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You'll find it hard to find anything you won't like about this long blooming, extremely hardy perennial and the same goes for a multitude of landscape critters! 'Ruby Star' forms a tall, narrow upright profile in the garden that is perfect for the middle or back of any garden that grows in full sun. Flower buds begin to form in early July and, by later in the month, you'll be enthralled by the big, carmine red daisies that emerge. Enjoy their fragrant beauty in the garden or in a vase but be willing to share because native bees and butterflies cherish this plant's nectar while sparrows, finches, cardinals, and others will gorge themselves on its seed. 'Ruby Star' blooms into early September and is an absolute must for your American Beauties garden.

Zones 3-8