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'CONTENDER' Peach (Prunus x persica 'contender')

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'Contender' peach is known for being very cold-hardy and having excellent disease resistance to bacterial leaf spot. Developed in Raleigh, NC, it was introduced in 1988 and quickly gained popularity as a great peach for Northern gardens. This exceptionally hardy variety is perfect for northern orchards as it consistently yields large crops of sweet, juicy, medium-to-large fruit even after severely cold winters.

'Contender's' yellow flesh is perfect for eating fresh, canning, or freezing. It is a freestone peach (also known as a melting peach) meaning the flesh separates easily from the peach pit. These peaches are medium to large and non-browning! They are delicious to eat fresh and perfect for home preservation. Enjoy peach pies, cobbler, ice cream, and more.

The tree blooms with an abundance of showing pink blossoms in the spring. It is self-pollinating, but adding another pollinator nearby will increase the size of your crop.

USDA Zones 4-8. Requires at least 1000 chill hours.

Available in 5-gallon pot.


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