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'CONELLA YELLOW' Belgian Mum (Dendranthema x 'conella yellow')

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Belgian Mums are considered an improvement over the traditional garden mum due to their improved colors and better flower production. 'Conella Yellow' is a very pleasing vivid-yellow and has full 2" blossoms borne over the entire 24" plant. Flowering in the late-fall, this selection will provide garden color right up to hard frost. If left in the garden, 'Conella Yellow' will provide years of reliable performance and grow to an astonishing 36" under preferred conditions.

Belgian mums are reliably hardy from zones 6-9, but can be easily maintained in the perennial garden in zone 5 with late autumn pruning and mulching and then early spring cleanup. Mums do not perform well if planted where water will puddle in the winter. They come back from the roots starting to emerge sooner than most perennials and will need to be uncovered early so as not to damage the new shoots and to remove any chance of water saturation. They are heavy feeders and respond exceptionally well to multiple fertilizer applications through out the growing season.

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