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'PUMPKIN PIE ORANGE' Decorative-flowered Garden Mum (Chrysanthemum x morifolium 'pumpkin pie orange')

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A late-season garden mum for added garden color all the way through frost! 'Pumpkin Pie Orange' has 3" butterscotch-orange, cushion-type flowers covering the entire plant. The attractive 24" to 30" grey-green foliage forms a loosely mounded display of autumn cheer! Excellent color retention and holds up nicely to rainy weather.

Mums enjoy heavy feeding during their growth and development stage and respond well to periodic pinching to encourage a bushy branching habit. Stop pinching at the beginning of July except to shape plants for optimal garden displays. Most decorative garden Mums are hardy down to zone 6, but many will successfully winter over in zones 5 and even 4 if mulched during the winter and then uncovered in late winter or early spring to avoid retaining water at the plant crown.

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