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'CRANBERRY COTONEASTER' (Cotoneaster apiculatus)

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Cotoneaster apiculatus, commonly called 'Cranberry cotoneaster', is a dense, broad-upright, somewhat mounding deciduous shrub with stiffly arching branches. Typically grows 2' and rarely 3' tall with a spread to 6' or more. Small pinkish flowers in late-spring give way to red, cranberry-like berries which mature in late summer and persist into winter. Rounded glossy-green leaves turn attractive shades of purple, red and bronze in autumn.

Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soils in full sun. Wide range of soil tolerance. Branches root where they touch the ground. Over time and if allowed, Cranberry cotoneaster will creep over a large area making a woody "ground cover". Excellent for slopes and areas prone to erosion where they can spread freely.

Zones 4-7

Available in 2-gallon pot