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'CRISPIN' Apple (Malus x domestica 'crispin')

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'Crispin', also known as 'Mutsu' in it's country of origin, is a very high-quality apple from the Land of the Rising Sun. Introduced sometime between 1900 and the 1930s, 'Mutsu' is a cross between 'Golden Delicious' and a Japanese variety known as 'Indo'. While this useful variety is a century old, 'Crispin' is just beginning to gain in popularity in North America to the point that you can readily find it in supermarkets and road-side stands.

A clear-green, attractive skin, large size, and kitchen versatility make 'Crispin' a very good choice for the home gardener. The fruit holds up very well in storage, is excellent eating out-of-hand, holds its sliced shape when cooked, and is arguably several notches above 'Golden Delicious' or 'Granny Smith' in the flavor department.

Owing to its 'Indo' parentage, 'Crispin' is an excellent low-chill choice for more southern orchards where the winter temperatures reliably dip below 45 degrees for two months or more. 'Crispin' DOES NOT require sub-freezing temperatures to blossom and produce apples. Tendency towards biennial cropping.

Requires cross-pollination from another group 3 pollinator and is NOT reliable as a source of pollen for other apples.

USDA Zones 4-8 (Zone 9 where at least 2 months of nights below 45 degrees is predictable).

Available in 7-gallon pots.


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