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'MAJOR BLUE ARMOR' Cupid's Dart (Catananche caerulea x 'major armor blue')

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Periwinkle-colored flowers resemble a cornflower and provide a great show when planted en masse. This flower was used by the Greeks and Romans for a powerful love potion; hence, the common names, Love Plant or Cupid’s Dart. Catananche Major offers a stunning accent for your summer garden.

Catananche are excellent for cutting. Long-blooming, drought resistant plant. Likes sun and well-drained soil. Each flower leaves behind silvery seed envelopes that are also pleasing in dried arrangements.

Catananche can be divided in spring every year or so. Allow to self sow to ensure future generations. May need to amend clay soil to grow successfully. Cut off flower stems after bloom. Likes sun and well-drained soil.

4" pots.


Zones 4-8