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'CUSICK'S CAMASS' Quamash (Camassia cusickii x 'cusick's camass')

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Camassia cusickii, or 'Cusick’s camass', is native to a few counties in northeast Oregon and western Idaho but can readily be found in cultivation for ornamental use in the home garden. Numerous narrow, green, strap-like leaves, 10-20" in length, emerge from the bulb in the spring forming a basal rosette, followed by the inflorescence. The 18"-30" flowering stalk supports a terminal raceme made of sky blue to white flowers with showy, yellow anthers. This bulb blooms in late-spring to early-summer.

Best grown in moist, fertile, acidic, humusy, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Can tolerate clay soils. Plant bulbs 4” deep and 4-6" apart in the fall. In its native range in the Pacific Northwest, this plant is found in damp meadows and along the edges of ponds at elevations between 1000-2000 ft. Will naturalize over time if given the proper soil and environmental conditions.

Zones 4-8

A native plant selection.

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