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CUT LILIES (Lilium sp.)

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We grow an extensive selection of Lilium species, world-class cultivars, and unusual the thousands! Our selection changes each year as we buy only the biggest and best lily bulbs from all over the United States and Holland and bring them to you first as bulbs for your own spring garden planting. What we don't sell as bulbs, we plant into our fields to grow for you as glorious summer cut-flowers. The first Lilies begin budding in May and we begin cutting as soon as they begin to show color in the buds. From June through September we have a parade of color, form, and fragrance as the various cultivars take their turn as Queens of our Lily fields. After the lilies have finished their summer rituals, we prepare them for fall harvesting of the bulbs which we will again offer for sale in late October into November.

All cut-lilies can be shipped by overnight carrier to your doorstep or as gifts for others. Pricing on cut-lilies varies greatly over the season, so we have no pricing on our web-pages as it would be outdated quickly. For more information on mail-order flowers of all kinds, please call our florist, Tracey, and she and her team will help you. Flower Designs by Tracey (518) 873-5005.

For availability of lily bulbs for planting, please go to the Lily Collection as this page is only for cut stems. 

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