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'BURLESQUE' Decorative Dahlia (Dahlia x 'burlesque')

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Bold and dramatic flowers will delight in the garden and fresh floral displays. Decorative Dahlia Burlesque features 4" blooms with a red base and white-tipped center petals. With their soft, quilled petals and vibrant colors, Burlesque Decorative Dahlias add a burst of color and life to your late-summer gardens. Decorative dahlias produce more, but smaller blooms than their dinnerplate cousins. The mid-sized flowers are great for fresh-cut bouquets and arrangements. Like other dahlias, they'll keep blooming until the first fall frost.

Zones 8-11.

Not hardy in the Champlain Valley. Lift roots in fall after plants die back in the fall, store inside, and replant the next year.

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