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'DARE TO LOVE' Daylily (Hemerocallis x 'dare to love')

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This striking, creamy-white variety with a reddish-pink eye and ruffled edge will certainly steal the show in the summer garden. Growing 28" tall, 'Dare to Love' daylily blooms in mid-summer and re-blooms in late-summer to early-fall. Its flowers attract pollinators. 'Dare to Love' daylily has semi-evergreen foliage, meaning it will lose some of its foliage over winter and will go into a dormant stage. It usually does not require any mulching. Daylilies are low-maintenance, easy-care perennials that are adaptable to a range of soil conditions. They can also be grown in containers. For best results, plant in full sun to partial shade.
Zones 3-9

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