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'DAWN REDWOOD' (Metasequoia glyptostroboides)

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An ancient tree that grew alongside the dinosaurs but is well-suited to modern landscape plantings, 'Dawn Redwood' is a deciduous conifer producing small, round 1/2" to 1" cones. It has a neat, pyramidal shape in youth, maturing into a more rounded crown. The bright-green, feathery leaves turn orange-brown or reddish-brown in the fall. Fast-growing and easily transplanted. Likes full-sun and prefers moist, deep, well-drained soils. One of the fastest-growing trees available. Grows to 70'–100', with a 25' spread. 'Dawn Redwood' grows late in the season and may be damaged by early fall freezes. Plant early enough in the fall to allow the roots to become established and avoid planting in low-lying frost pockets.

Known to Western science only since the 1940's, Metasequoia glyptostroboides is endangered in its only known wild habitat in Szechwan, China where around 5,000 trees still grow.

Zones 5-8

Available in 3-gallon pot and bare root