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'DWARF ALBERTA SPRUCE' (Picea glauca x 'conica')

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'Dwarf Alberta Spruce' is also known as 'dwarf white spruce'. It is a compact, very slow-growing, hardy, evergreen conifer with an appealing pyramidal shape. The 'Dwarf Alberta Spruce' will ultimately grow to a mature height of 10 to 13 feet. Although growing only a few inches a year, that might take a lifetime to reach! This selection has become a 'go to' garden shrub where room is an issue, and the design calls for a handsome, trim evergreen 'tree'.

A 'Dwarf Alberta Spruce' makes a lovely living-gift that can be planted in the garden to keep a permanent memory of the Winter Holidays and the love and joy that comes with the season.

Zones 3-6

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