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'FLASHPOINT' Orienpet Lily (Lilium x 'flashpoint')

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Elegant and fragrant in the garden, these trumpet-shaped flowers are perfect for showing off in garden beds or in containers. 'Flashpoint' Orienpet (OT) Lily garners its attention producing 9" flamboyant, dusty pink-red flowers, atop 4' sturdy stems. Each gracefully reflexed petal blends to cream on the edges and the delightfully scented blossom is a potent attraction to bees, butterflies and gardeners alike.

Oriental-trumpet (OT) lily hybrids have a famously strong fragrance, are tall and stately, tending to grow more slowly and not blooming until mid to late summer. We only carry these voluptuous beauties for a short time in the spring and fall as they prefer to be in the ground and not on the store shelf. The living bulbs are perishable if not stored properly and when they are ready to sprout, there is no stopping them! If you happen to miss your opportunity at planting the bulbs for yourself, standby and catch our cut-flowers later in the summer.

Zones 4-9