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'FREEDOM' Apple (Malus x domestica 'freedom')

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A 1950's introduction by the New York State Agriculture Experiment Station in Geneva, NY, 'Freedom' was touted as a disease-resistant apple with good flavor and production. These characteristics have ultimately helped to establish 'Freedom' as a popular variety for home orchardists over the past 40 years. 'Freedom' is resistant to fire-blight, mildew, scab, cedar-apple rust, and several other diseases that routinely diminish the quality of backyard apples. The variety is has large-sized fruit, is heavy-bearing, and late-ripening best used for fresh-eating or cooking apple. It does not store for long periods and tends to quickly deteriorate in quality soon after harvest. The fruit is attractive with a handsome red overlay to its yellow skin.

Zones 4-8; Zone 9 with adequate winter chill-hour accumulation. NOT self-fertile; requires another flowering group 3 variety for pollination. Consider 'Macoun' for pollination.

Available in 7-gallon containers. 5'-7' tall.

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