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'FROST' Peach (Prunus x persica 'frost')

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The 'Frost' peach is a gorgeous freestone fruit that was developed to require less care than most others. The fragrant pink flowers bloom later than most peach varieties and avoids fruit-damaging frosts, which is actually how the tree got its name. The delicious 'Frost' peaches are large and juicy with a red and yellow blush and their excellent flavor arguably projects 'Frost' to the status of the best cold-weather peach. If you want to grow fresh peaches but have always thought your growing climate was too cold, the 'Frost' peach won’t let you down! Highly disease resistant. Heavy cropping.

USDA Zones 4-9. Hardy to -30 degrees. Requires 700 chill hours.

Self-pollinating. Plant a second 'Frost' or an 'Arctic Glo' nectarine to ensure best pollination and cropping.

Available in 7-gallon pot.