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'GERONA' Sword Lily (Gladiolus dalenii x grandiflora 'gerona')

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NEW FOR 2023!

Extravagant spikes of gorgeous cream and pink flowers tended by green, sword-like foliage characterize Gladiolus 'Gerona'. The large, ruffled florets each feature a delicate ivory throat which beautifully sets the stage for the bi-colored rosy-pink petals. 'Gerona' is a beauty planted in groups or an extremely useful cut-flower for summer and fall vases indoors. 

This elegant Gladiolus grows up to five feet tall when given plenty of sunlight and adequate soil conditions. Plant gladioli starting in the spring after the ground has begun to warm and continue planting them right up to the end of June. This will ensure a long period of stunning blossoms in later summer and fall.

Zones 7-10