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'GINGER GOLD' Apple (Malus x domestica 'ginger gold')

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This early picker allows you to enjoy apples sooner than most varieties. 'Ginger Gold' produces juicy and delicious apples that feature a yellow-green skin with a golden glow. A crisp crunch and mildly tart flavor plus natural resistance to browning makes the fruit perfect for fresh eating. Tree adds beauty to your landscape in spring, when it produces lovely white-pink blooms. Originating from Virginia 'Ginger Gold' is heat-tolerant! Ripens mid to late-August.

Not self-pollinating. Consider 'Honeycrisp' as a pollinator for 'Ginger Gold.

USDA Zones 5-9. Low chill requirement of >500 hours below 40 degrees.

Available in 7 gallon pot.

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