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'BUGGY' (Gladiolus dalenii x grandiflora 'buggy')

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'Buggy' gladiolus radiates warmth and sunshine. Its 3"-4" wide white florets are accented with golden-yellow centers. Each sturdy stem has 10-12 ruffled florets along one side and will create a full and showy floral display. The tall flower spikes also make elegant cut-flowers.

With their sword-like foliage and flower spikes, gladiolus create dramatic and beautiful garden displays when planted near sunny foundations or other focal points. To enjoy their blooms for several weeks, we recommend planting gladiolus bulbs at two-week intervals from early spring until the end of June. 'Buggy' Gladiolus is an easy-to-grow, deer-resistant perennial in zones 8-11. Lift bulbs in fall in zones 7 and lower, store over winter, and then replant next year.

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