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'MY LOVE' (Gladiolus dalenii x 'my love')

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'My Love' is a show-stopper in the late-summer garden...hands down.

For a sizzling scene along a sunny back border, fence line or east-facing foundation, consider choosing this new gladiolus to add bright, beautiful color, supple texture and plenty of vertical interest. 'My Love' is a new addition to our line of gorgeous glads, glistening with icy-white blooms that feature a pale-pink blush and fanciful, raspberry-red stitching of variable amounts between stems. The flowers grow up tall, 3-4' stalks, first emerging in midsummer and continuing until the latter part of the season. Gladiolus make excellent cut flowers that add height and a sense of spectacle to any indoor arrangement. Plant in full sun for the best results. Lift in fall in zones below zone 8.

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