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'GOLDSTRIKE' Apricot (Prunus x ameniaca 'goldstrike')

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'GoldStrike' apricot will not be your heaviest cropping apricot, but it is likely to have the largest and most delicious fruit. This variety is very cold hardy and successfully crops even after severe winters. The tree puts out a heavy flush of flowers in early spring, and will set a large amount of fruit. The tree will spontaneously drop much of this early fruit-set and then put all its energy into making big, juicy, flavorful apricots of all the remaining fruitlets. These apricots are not great for canning, but they are top-notch for eating fresh, for baking, and for drying.

USDA Zones 4-8. Hardy to -20 degrees. Requires at least 800 chill hours.

Not self-pollinating. April bloom. Consider 'Goldbar' as a pollinator for 'Goldstrike'.

Available in 7-gallon pot.