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'GRAVENSTEIN' Apple (Malus x domestica 'gravenstein')

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'Gravenstein' and a powerhouse variety for early apple season. Packed with flavor, this unassuming apple begins it's 'season' in mid-august and has completed it by mid-september in most growing zones. 'Gravenstein' has the reputation of being a 'difficult' apple to produce, but the issue is seldom more than poor pollination. This apple is one of the first to blossom, and therefore, can be lost to cross-pollination opportunities unless there is a nearby early crab-apple, another type-1 blossoming apple, or a type-2 that blossoms on the early side such as McIntosh. This apple is also not for winter storing, but makes an exceptional dual-purpose kitchen apple AND an amazing cider.

So, while 'Gravenstein' shouldn't be your only backyard apple, it's a great addition for orchardists who wish for an explosive flavored fruit in the early-season.

USDA Zones 5-8.

Not self-pollinating. See above.

Available in 7 gallon pot.

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