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'INDIAN CORN' Decorative Maize

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'INDIAN CORN' is a seasonal favorite for many reasons. It symbolizes a successful harvest and also of our native ancestral heritage. Maize is a North American grain (corn) that has sustained large and complex societies in the Americas for millenia. It is now a world-wide crop that accounts for more calories of human food consumption than any other agricultural product! The United States is the leading Maize producer with Iowa being the leading State. 

Decorative 'Indian Corn' is indeed derived from ancient strains of 'corn' that was used in everyday life by indigenous peoples of the America's. It's varied colors are a reflection of the many types and uses that Maize has in our history. Hanging maize on your door is a symbol of the harvest and a welcome to weary and hungry travelers.

Organically grown. Locally sourced.

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