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'J. H. HALE' Peach (Prunus x persica 'j.h.hale')

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Originating in Connecticut in 1912, the 'J.H. Hale' peach is still considered one of the best yellow-fleshed, freestone peaches. Exceptionally large, round and uniform with smooth, almost fuzzless skin. 'J.H. Hale' peach has a firm, fine-grained flesh free from stringiness, and a great flavor. Unlike most peach trees the 'J.H. Hale' peach tree require another peach variety for pollination. Good for home canning and fresh use; outstanding handling and shipping peach makes it a winner for roadside stands and farmers markets. The tree itself is not a fast-growing or vigorous specimen. It does best with deep rich soil and regular watering. 'J. H. Hale' remains a home-grown favorite because of its unmatched flavor.

USDA Zone 5-9. Requires at least 800 chill hours.

Not self-pollinating. Consider 'Hale Haven' or another variety with similar chill hour requirements as a pollinator for your 'J. H. Hale' peach.

Available in 5-gallon pot.