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'JACOB CLINE' Beebalm (Monarda x 'jacob cline')

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Easy to grow and aggressive, this fragrant-foliaged selection will stake out a block of space in any sunny to partially sunny garden and deliver beauty in the form of spectacular flowers and in the many colorful garden creatures it attracts. Its distinctive square stems grow strongly upright, loaded with deep-green, aromatic foliage that serves as the backdrop for terminal buds that develop in early summer. These buds open in July to a fireworks show of deep-scarlet, 3" long tubular flowers that are held in beefy whorls above the foliage that continues into September. Hummingbirds and colorful butterflies find it impossible to ignore the nectar these flowers provide and you won't be able to resist the colorful beauty. Plant 'Jacob Cline' in a place where it can get big and has good airflow to further reduce the chance of mildew on this highly resistant variety.

Zones 3-8

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