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'CONFETTI CAKE' Lenten Rose (Helleborus x 'confetti cake')

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Like sparkling sugar sprinkles, each clean-white blossom is decorated with burgundy speckles. Much like the time-honored tradition of sharing the wedding cake, you will eagerly await the arrival of this early spring beauty.

Easy to grow and low maintenance, this showcases double-flowered selections of notable vigor with showy floral displays of richly-colored blossoms. Developed by hybridizer, Hans Hansen. Charming first-flowering perennials of spring. Float flowers in clear bowls for an elegant centerpiece.

Helleborus was named the Perennial Plant Association's Plant of the Year in 2005. They are perfect perennials when you need a splash of color as you weary of winter's grip. Lovely, nodding, cup-shaped flowers herald the coming of spring. Avoid dry soil with full sun. Good evergreen ground cover.

Prefers humus-rich, well-drained soil and consistent moisture to establish, then are carefree. Spent flower heads can be cut back to promote new foliage growth or to prevent unwanted volunteer seedlings. Many plantlets will form around base of parent plant and will bloom around the third year if left alone. Division is generally not needed (or recommended) but can be performed in early spring if desired. Remove young side plantlets with roots and replant. Water well.

4" pots.

Zones 4-9

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