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Champlain Peony Company is proud to support our local family-operated tree farms. By selecting and harvesting evergreen trees in small batches as our customers need them, our cut-trees are as supple and fresh as you can possibly find! Commercial operations start cutting their trees in October in order to ship them across country meaning your tree has used up its reserve moisture and life long before it reaches your home.

We have traditional Balsam as well as some spruce and fir to choose from. All trees are priced the same at a very reasonable $8/foot of height (not including the leader). You will be hard-pressed to find a better quality at any price!

Our "Holiday Greens" operation is staffed by volunteers from Willsboro Central School Class of 2024 who will help you select and load your trees and other holiday greens. For each tree sold, the Class of '24 will receive a $5 donation. They will also receive 10% of the purchase price of all other holiday greens. And, of course, tips are encouraged!