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`MAGIC FOUNTAIN` Weeping Persimmon (Diospyros virginiana x 'magic fountain')

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The American Persimmon is a well-known, fall-fruiting tree in many parts of the Eastern and Central United States as well as coastal and areas of the Western US that receive sufficient rainfall to support this rather thirsty small tree. The fruit of this native tree was valued by indigenous populations long before Europeans settled here and continues to be an important part of the indigenous culture today. Filled with nutritious value and in natural abundance after most fruit has long since passed into winter storage, the American Persimmon makes an excellent choice for gardens featuring native plants, wildlife forage sources, and in the decorative landscape. 'Magic Fountain' is a cultivar valued for it's extremely weeping branches that barely escape gravity long enough to grow any horizontal dimension. They seem to simply slide down the main trunk of the tree creating a unique tree-form in the landscape. But, they retain all the fruiting and hardiness features of the more recognizable wild-type. Delicious yellow-orange fruit ripen in late October and into November, persisting beautify on the otherwise bare tree well in to December. Both humans and wild animals gobble up the nutritious abundance! Fall foliage debuts in early October with a brilliant yellow and orange show and the fragrant spring flowers, while not over-whelming in appearance, are a welcome and abundant source of nectar to insects and birds.

D. virginiana performs well as an understory tree so long as the upper tree canopy isn't overly dense and shading. You can expect 'Magic Fountain' to outlive most other garden fruit trees and to not be plagued by serious disease or insect problems. Self-fertile but will reliably bare more fruit if planted with other persimmons.

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Zones 5-9

Available in 7 gallon containers.

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