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'MARS MIDGET' Pincushion Flower (Knautia x macedonica 'mars midget')

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‘Mars Midget’ is an excellent compact cultivar of Pincushion Flower that produces light, airy buttons of color above low-growing, medium-green foliage in early summer. A lovely, crimson-red touch for moist meadows or border edges. Blooms, which look like Scabiosa flowers, are held on thin, sturdy, wire-like stems. Each blossom is made up of crimson petals. Foliage forms a tight clump and is very striking when planted en masse, or planted with silvery leaved companions. ‘Mars Midget’ will attract many pollinators to your garden. A sunny, moist site is preferred, but with regular watering, ‘Mars Midget’ can tolerate average soils. A meadow favorite. 16” tall

Zones 5-8